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CREATIVE COACHING DIPLOMA, ‘Earn & Learn’ the subjects everyone is talking about, want to be the first to offer your Services? Chinese and Worldwide enquiries show Creative Coaching for Interiors, Art & Fashion hugely in demand. To pass knowledge to others is magical & empowering:


Drawing and Colour Days Sessions

Breakfast included at the Portrait Gallery

Then drawing interiors while working on your tablet or laptop!

INTERIOR DESIGN. Important Interiors ideas. Colour theory, learn the errors in interior design at your home. Understand Lighting, ikebana flower arranging. Quick understanding of the History of Interiors, Furniture through the century from the London Museums etc.   £385 Online Creative Coaching Diploma Programme – with attendance

ART. A journey in the recent History of Art since the Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo,Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Realism, Pre-Raphaelite, Impressionism, Expressionism, Fauvism, Cubism, Futurism, Surrealism, Abstract, Art Installation.Visiting the art work & artistic styles in London Museums & Gallerys, Be ahead! Invest in Art.      £385 Online Creative Coaching Diploma Programme – with attendance

FASHION. Everyday life of people. How colour can affect your mood & the others around you. How textures can change you and people around you. Drawing & Colour with Fashion Design. Bad Fashion, Mistakes with Design, Great Fashion Designers. Visit fashion Exhibitions at Museums. The Influence of Fashion, the Body Language of yourself and others. The appropriate Perfume.The appropriate Makeup, empower yourself.                  £385 Online Diploma Programme – with attendance Take advantage of Special Offers by September 30, £385 Online Creative Coaching Diploma Programme – with attendance



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Michelle - ex JJAADA Academy student
Michelle – Ex JJAADA Academy Student
"The course content was diverse and very hands-on. We were not spoon-fed with too much information which made one more determined to research as many aspects of the design world as possible. It was therefore suitably challenging and rewarding as it prepares you...” See more
Daria Michelle - ex JJAADA Academy student
Daria – Ex JJAADA Academy Student
"What I am enjoying most about the course is that the students come from so many different educational backgrounds and that leading-edge design is presented. This course is practically unique and gives you an overview of old and new designs. The broad base of the course is excellent it enables you to explore new areas, find those that you are most interested...'See more


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