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Art & Interior Design Courses in London | JJAADA Academy

Art & Design Courses at JJAADA Academy

JJAADA Academy

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London W1J 0DW, United Kingdom


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£990 Short INTERIOR DESIGN CERT/DIPLOMA (10% of 100 Days Diploma); JD Design School visit from Bangalore, India (see JD below); enrolling from India, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, EU, UK, Worldwide, Tel +0207 760 7487.

online interior design course

Interior Design Online Diploma

Breakfast included at the Portrait Gallery

Draw interiors on your laptop or tablet from home

Special Opportunity 65% Subsidy, Tel today to visit Monday 19 Feb Cert/Diploma Interior Design Courses (Attend 10-100 days). Best Interior Design Bespoke Individual Tuition. Classes 5 students, 10am-1pm, 2-5pm, weekdays, eves 6-9pm, weekends, Join ‘Interiors’ London ‘Experience’. JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore India had their Interior Design Student presentation 3 February, after London ‘Experience’ programme Jan-February 2018 with JJAADA Academy. Everyone enjoyed the International involvement, a huge benefit to UK/Indian Interior Design cooperation and advancement.

  • Freehand Drawing, Colour, paint finishes & effects, Specialist Tutor at the V&A.
  • How to do Floor Plans/Elevations, Perspective Drawing/Monochrome/Colour.
  • FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment) Join Students in a Residential Project.
  • Upload freehand sketch/colour to photo real image with computer software.
  • Collect samples from Chelsea Harbour Design Centre for your Mood boards.
  • Includes One-to-One tuition as required for the Student to perfect all the skills.
  • Update & manage your Interior Decoration or Design Portfolio with the Client.

Been recommended? join Interior Design flexible attendance Cert/Diploma course in Central London. Start 20 February, SAVE 65% 2 places only for Subsidised course.



LINK FOLLOWS:  Students showing professional work. JJAADA ACADEMY  Interior Design Courses London Our students have found amazing projects & also exciting permanent full time employment, far beyond their expectations. Our Students are recommended for their professionalism worldwide. Join us  20 Feb  2018, enjoy new ‘Lifestyle’.  Succeed with your New Career with JJAADA Academy & impress your friends & family for 2018.

Interior Design Appreciation for Tourist Overseas visitors to central London,  join flexible Certificate/Diploma programme for learning and understanding ‘interiors’ in London 2018 £2,950.

SUBSIDISED OFFER SAVE £1,365/100 hours Certificate (part Diploma) 2 places available start date Tuesday 20 February 2018. Best Interior Design Courses London.

Interior Design ‘Experience’ 30 Days (including Hotel with breakfast) enjoy London Spring, February/March/April 2018.  Special opportunity SAVE compared with other courses at £4,950. Tel 0207 760 7487 or email for information on course and accommodation. 

Are you contemplating a Project? Join us and learn how to give a Brief to an Interior Designer, save a fortune on expensive mistakes on your ‘Interiors’ Investment. 

We have success working with Clients (who become Bespoke Students) who we assist to understand the whole ‘Interiors’ Project experience saving large amounts of money compared to using Specialist Interior Design Practices. Special Short or Involved Tutoring.

Interior Design is the art of enhancing the interior of a space or building, to achieve a superior, more aesthetically pleasing environment for a client.  An interior designer is someone who plans, researches, coordinates, manages this type of project.  Interior design is a multi-tasking profession including conceptual development, space planning, site inspections, programming, research, communicating to all the contributors, benefactors of a project, construction management and creation of the design.

Areas covered by the Interior Design Certificate/Diploma Programme: 

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1) Learning to look, Drawing, Colour, Paint Effects, Trompe L’Oeil.
2) Professional Design,1,2 and 3 Point Perspectives, Plans/Elevations and Computer Skills.
3) ‘Photo Real’ Computer Imagery & AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Artlantis, SketchUp, Photoshop.
4) Well known Interior Designers and Projects in London.
5) Residential Interior Design.
6) Interior Colour Schemes.
7) The Best Sourcing in London: Furniture, Fittings, Equipment (FF&E).
8) Soft Furnishing, Fabrics, Window Treatments, Door Furniture.
9) Floor Treatments.
10) Dressing, Art & Sculpture etc.
11) Contemporary use of water, music and other effects.
12) Bathroom & Kitchen Design etc.
13) Bringing the Exterior into the Interior and optimising Spatial Living.
14) Urban Garden Design including Roof Gardens, Terraces and Patios.
15) Exhibitions, Museums, Galleries, Commercial, Installations, Current Art & Design.
16) History of Art, Architecture and Culture in the UK/ Antiques and collectibles.
17) Lighting Design, projected effects etc.
18) Graphics and Rendering Techniques.
19 Creativity and concepts.
20) One to One Assessment and Portfolio Management.

To become an Interior Designer at an Interior Design College in London is to fully understand the brief that a Client (who is the beneficiary of the Interior Design Work) wishes to undertake with a property, to make the space operate aesthetically and functionally for its inhabitants in its moods and practicality.  There may be a collection of different spaces working together or separately and collectively working in harmony.  The shapes, colours and textures will come from the culmination of the Designer’s creative awareness and their ability to assimilate information from the analysis available for the intended project.  Success is achieved when the Client is satisfied that the brief has been implemented and ecstatic if the result is more than the total of the expected parts. Join us, one of the best Interior Design Schools in London for an Interior Design Certificate or Diploma Course.

Please note: If you wish to visit us please telephone 0207 760 7487 for a mutually convenient appointment.

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Daria Michelle - ex JJAADA Academy student
Daria – JJAADA Academy Alumni
"What I am enjoying most about the course is that the students come from so many different educational backgrounds and that leading-edge design is presented. This course is practically unique and gives you an overview of old and new designs. The broad base of the course is excellent it ..."See more
Michelle - ex JJAADA Academy student
Michelle – JJAADA Academy Alumni
"The course content was diverse and very hands-on. We were not spoon fed with too much information which made one more determined to research as many aspects of the design world as possible. It was therefore suitably challenging and rewarding as it prepares you in so many aspects ...” See more