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35 Piccadilly, Mayfair
London W1J 0DW, United Kingdom


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Living Overseas in EU? we can provide a Tutor to visit & provide a 3 days Art & Interior Design Course. (8 Cii) Interior Design Courses page.



Our team of specialists cover more than just interior design

We teach you how to explore art and unleash your creativity


Learn to appreciate



Design create

your vision with no compromises!


Whether you are just looking for inspiration

or you already have a clear plan

We have a dedicated team of specialists who are here to help

And cater to all levels





Are you tired of your career and how long have you been contemplating a change? Now you are looking at the Art & Design World, do you believe that you have the creative ability to change your pathway in life? Why not try a few days at JJAADA Academy and open the door to a new magical existence!

 We shall show you how to look and for the first time really see everything afresh. Don’t draw from memory as most do (eg a cup and saucer on a polished table top), really look and you will be amazed at the difference we can show you.

JJAADA Academy tutor Joao De Haro is an expert in drawing, painting and fine art. Join the 7 day course at the V&A.

become an interior designer

Our short 7 day course at the V&A will introduce you to scale, perspective, colour, form and texture and increase your understanding of art and design as you could not imagine before trying it.

Call 0207 494 3363 to visit us and talk to the students who come from all walks of life. They have been amazed at the progress and achievement they have made in 7 days, and they have similarly impressed their friends and family.