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Offers | JJAADA Academy Interior Design Courses London

Art & Design Courses at JJAADA Academy

JJAADA Academy

35 Piccadilly, Mayfair
London W1J 0DW, United Kingdom


(0207) 760 7487


Current Course Offers August/September 2016 Start

art & interiors course‘First Come First Served’ with our available Special Offers:

Drawing & Colours Days, 6 hours per day from £75 per day.

£385 = €385 for 7 days (1 meal included each day). Visit & pay for 1 day or up to 7 days by credit card.

Breakfast at the Portrait Gallery and also visit the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square,

Art in the Sky, drawing on the London Eye, experiencing tremendous views of London.

By Boat drawing on the River Thames, appreciating the detail on the Cutty Sark & Greenwich, also Sketching famous landmarks,

Sketching the Parliament Buildings,

Enjoying all the precious treasures, drawing and Lunch at Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A),

Dinner in Piccadilly in the evening, participating in extraordinary movement, colour & light.

(See JOAO on Facebook).

30 days – London Art & Interior Design ‘Experience’ part of the Cert/Diploma programme.

Overseas to London? Start your new career or business in the Summer 2016 and enjoy the Interior Design Experience for 30 days as a Tourist Visitor £2,950 & complete the Diploma (in your own country with UK support and arranged as an additional bespoke programme). We show you how to become an interior designer and successfully enjoying a new career.

Call us on 0207 760 7487 or email: courses@jjaada.com.