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Summary | JJAADA Academy Interior Design Courses London

Art & Design Courses at JJAADA Academy

JJAADA Academy

35 Piccadilly, Mayfair
London W1J 0DW, United Kingdom


(0207) 760 7487



students discussion in painting class





1) 18 hours per week, Save 50% £11,700
2) 12 hours per week, Diploma, Save 65% £8,190 – 2a) Certificate £2,730
3) 9 hours per week, Save 80% £4,680
4) 6 hours per week, Save 80% £4,680
5) 14 days over 7 weeks £750
6) 7 days over 7 weeks £385
7) Interior Design ‘Experience’ in London £3,950

Start Dates: from August/September 2017.

Who joins the Academy?

Students ages average around 27 to 47.

We have accountants, bankers, lawyers, teachers, doctors, film makers, engineers, architects, graphics designers and many others.

We may not have included your age or profession in the above however that does not mean you cannot add creativity to your life!

Monthly start dates for the most popular course which is the Diploma where you spend 600 hours of flexible time during the week, weekends and evenings. This course can also involve you with working on an actual project which you will manage with the assistance of the Academy network and you will charge your client fees.
Telephone: 0207 760 7487

JJAADA Academy client presentationThis page gives a full list of what the Academy courses encompass and student recommendations. Eg: Technical Drawing by Hand and PC; Learning to Draw from Life & Understanding Colour; The Ergonomic use of Space; The Business of Design and Decoration; Getting your Clients and Succeeding.

View detailed Syllabus page

Please initially fill in the contact details on the contact form, then you will receive by return an e-mail with course information.

If you fit our profile we will contact you to arrange a visit to the Academy to sample sessions and meet with our tutors.
Our email adress is: courses@jjaada.com

Telephone: 0207 760 7487

Visit the ADA Website