Example of an interior design project

Example of an interior design project in London SW12

I am going to explain and illustrate an example of a typical interior design project provided by a client to an interior designer and how the demand for this project was brought about.

A client in South West London (SW12) has just purchased a 4 bedroom house in a nice area of London, they are of multi national background and have a young child and two teenage siblings.

The project brief was to create a children’s bathroom on the first floor.  Click on the following link: https://academyforartdesign.co.uk/projects (see bottom of page), for more information about this project.

The parents already have their own ensuite bathroom.  Here exposes the need for the interior designer to fulfil the project.  Given that the property owners are both hard working they must delegate the task of updating the bathroom to an interior designer.  It is also a sign of prosperity that they are able to do this and having a room designed by an interior designer is a high end consumer desirable item that will bring value for years to come.  The interior designer will bring a wealth of experience and range of options that will allow the clients to make the best decision regarding this room space.  Interior designers often are drafted in to design one room at a time only due to cost and convenience.

The bathroom needs to satisfy two needs: firstly it needs to function as a nice space for the young child (aged 4), secondly is should not be restrictive to the teenage family members (eg there should be multi-use surfaces and the design not too child like to cause embarrassment to the older members).  The designer will need to work within those client demographic parameters.  There are a wide range of contingent possibilities depending on who the room is being design for!

The client will initially perform a site survey and take photographs of the existing space.  This is for their own records and also as a means of making changes that can be shown to the client.

The huge majority of the time spent will relate to finding out how best to utilise the bathroom space that has been created once the old design has been removed. Working within the client’s demands and budget and the changes that will naturally flow from a two way dialogue between the interior designer and the client takes time as will purchasing all of the accessories and fabrics for the bathroom.

The end result, will be a room design that meets the client’s needs, has provided a test of the skills of the interior designer and has hopefully been fulfilled within the client’s stated budget.

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