The importance of perspective drawing in interior design

The casual observer might wonder why interior designers place such emphasis of learning fundamental skills such as technical drawing when there are computers nowadays that can do this work.

The reasons for learning drawing skills are numerous, not least because the closer the interior designer gets to their subject matter the better they are able to understand and influence the project they are undertaking.

A perspective drawing or technical drawing is a diagrammatical representation of a given room either from above but more usually in 3 dimensions. This type of drawing allows the designer to consider all of the features that currently exist in a room (eg structural) and also enables them to plan those features that the client wants to incorporate into the room.

In many cases a client might give the interior designer “carte blanche” control over what goes into the final design but there could be client requirements eg they want a comfortable living area with large comfortable sofas or a section of a room needs to be “child-safe” with zero sharp edges.

A technical drawing therefore is a visual and planning tool that allows the interior designer to decide how to progress a project.
See the following link, demonstration of Freehand Drawing one point perspective:

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