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Why you should you do an Interior Design Course in London

Trends in art and design are growing very fast. The rapid growth of the modern art industry has turned people towards interior design as well. Moreover, the interiors of offices, homes and apartments are now designed with great care and attention. Because of this professionals are in high demand. The evident growth in demand for this industry, leads to the conclusion that it is obviously rewarding to learn about interior design. In today’s busy daily routine it is highly necessary to look for a flexible schedule to earn your diploma in interior design.


The field of interior design has grown rapidly in the current century. Though many fields of study are open to you, you can make interior design your career. The course is for those who love art and want to excel with their skills and talents. The interior design courses at JJAADA Academy London offer you sessions where you can gain the knowledge of interior design and fashion. The chief purpose of the course is to enable learners of interior design to flourish their designing skills and craft their mind in a creative way.


JJAADA Academy offers courses to students from all over the world. A number of students have got their skills moulded and are now having a successful career in the field of art and design. Students across the world have visited us and gained their interior design diploma which rewarded them with a successful career for their entire life. The field is open to you; you just have to make up your mind to choose an interior design course with us in London.


At the facility, you are given a flexible, personal and friendly atmosphere so that you can put all of your efforts into your work to produce your best. You can research the best interior design so that you get the best ideas for designing. For art lovers, the diploma is not only essential but also the key to a successful career. The interior design experience courses at JJAADA Academy in London can offer you a lot to learn. They give you the environment you need and thus you can learn what you want.

The environment here is entirely congenial to study and you can explore the ideas that you want. Moreover, the professionals here assist you to polish you talent and skills. You can craft the design that you like and can of course learn a new approach to seeing things. You can learn ideas of how to mix colour, how to adorn the walls and the art of flower arranging. In addition you can learn how to choose curtains as well. Your skills are moulded here and once you have learnt what you are told, you can have a successful career in interior design.


Moreover, there are lots of courses as well. The flexible timetable allows you to manage your daily routine. Whatever your job or whatever your daily routine is, you can take this diploma due to its flexible timings and schedule. Moreover, you pay a very reasonable fee for your course. The course does not charge you much and you can have the best interior design diploma in a short period of time.

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List of Courses at JJAADA Academy

List of Courses at JJAADA Academy

Diploma Course Options:

1) 18 Hours Per Week, Save 50% £11,700

Standard sponsored course 18 hours per week (1 year), choose from weekdays (10am – 1pm and 2pm – 5pm) evenings (6pm – 9pm) and weekends mornings and afternoons (see timetable).

2) 12 Hours Per Week Diploma, Save 65% £8,190 – 2a) Certificate £2,730

Standard sponsored Diploma 600 hours course 12 hours per week (14 months), Certificate 200 hours course 12 hours per week (5 months) choose from weekdays (10am – 1pm and 2pm – 5pm) evenings (6pm – 9pm) and weekends mornings and afternoons (see timetable)

3) 9 Hours Per Week, Save 80% £4,680 (Conditions Apply)

Standard sponsored course 9 hours per week (18 months), (Note: No weekday access) choose from evenings (6pm – 9pm) and weekends mornings and afternoons (see timetable).

4) 6 Hours Per Week, Save 80% £4,680

Standard sponsored course 6 hours per week (24 months), choose from weekdays (10am – 1pm and 2pm – 5pm) evenings (6pm – 9pm) and weekends mornings and afternoons (see timetable).

Other Course Options:

5) 14 Days Over 7 Weeks £750

Your choice of sessions on the Certificate/Diploma Programme.

6) 7 Days Over 7 Weeks £385

7 days (1 or 2 days per week/weekends) £385, 7 weeks (1 or 2 days per week/weekends).

7) 30 Days Interior Design ‘Experience’ in London

See the following links:

Current Course Offers at JJAADA Academy

Current Course Offers at JJAADA Academy

1.From Overseas enjoy a London ‘Experience’ £199, join a world renowned Architect/Designer to start working on a Project on Tuesday 17 May or on Thursday 19 May next week. Also One to One courses or small groups, become an Interior Designer, your New Career 17 May, Space, Colour, lighting, form, texture. Work with our Interior Designers if you join by 20 May, classroom based sponsored Diploma programme for 100 days/600 hours/14 months/12 flexible hours per week, payment plan. 0207 494 3363 Overseas Tel 00 44 (0) 207 494 3363 email:

2. September 2016 Start . £385 for 7 days, to bring Creativity to your Life! Before the decision to leave your current career, join us & find out the reality of replacing your current daily routine & income with your new appreciation of Art & Design. Join Joao De Haro (V&A South Kensington members area) Drawing, Colour, Paint effects, 1,2 & 3 point Perspectives, Floor Plans, Elevations, creating ambience & function for Interior Space. Join us in May or June 2016 for 7 sessions over 7 weeks, Mood Boards, 7 days Interior Design, 7 days Garden Design, Interior Design Photography & Collectibles.

3. November 2016 Start. Short courses are 50% of normal course fee until Friday 20 May 2016. See short courses: