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More Information/Syllabus/ Interior Design ‘Experience’ and training for exciting career

    Art & Design Courses at JJAADA Academy

    JJAADA Academy

    34 South Molton Street
    Mayfair, London
    W1K 5RG, United Kingdom


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    More Information/Syllabus/ Interior Design ‘Experience’ and training for exciting career

    Interior Design Courses London at JJAADA Academy in 2024

    interior design syllabus

    Choice of Courses at JJAADA Academy:

    1) 18 hours per week, Save 50% £11,700
    2) 12 hours per week, Diploma, Save 65% £8,190 – 2a) Certificate £2,730
    3) 9 hours per week, Save 80% £4,680 (Conditions Apply)
    4) 6 hours per week, Save 80% £4,680
    5) 14 days over 7 weeks £750
    6) 7 days over 7 weeks £385
    7) Interior Design ‘Experience’ in London £995 for 10 days and £2,950 for 30 days (am or pm 3 hours per day or arrange flexibly).

    Interior Design ‘Experience’ in London

    Visit one of the top Interior Design Academies in London since 1999 (over 20 years). Welcome Worldwide Visitors to our Art, Interior Design & Fashion ‘Experience’ in London, Join our Tourist Visitors learning all aspects of Interior Design in London. Take on your own new experience with new knowledge, ‘how to skills’ obtained from JJAADA Academy. Start Now Your New Career or Business in 2024!

    Start Date from May/June 2024 (Conditions Apply).
    Part of becoming an interior designer, you can participate in drawing/sketching, colour sessions at the V&A  (see our students on Facebook, visit exciting art & design, venues, museums, galleries, exhibitions, spectacular properties, enjoy the extraordinary art & design world.

    tutor with studentDIPLOMA CONDITIONS & PAYMENT TERMS for 12 hours per week (Subject to Change): Interviews to secure sponsorship place (85% success rate). 20% Reservation payment on enrolment, for commencement from May/June 2024, followed by 20% every 3 months x 4 during the next 12 months (free of interest).

    Courses at JJAADA Academy for the 2024 programme.

    student interiors painting

    As part of our 200 hours Certificate and 600 hours Diploma programme, by popular demand and the JJAADA Academy’s interest and ability to provide for the students ever increasing needs to fulfil their desire to be fully equipped with all the skills to work with Clients on their Residential or Commercial Projects.

    The JJAADA Academy proudly adds the following areas of activity on the Certificate and Diploma Programme for the Summer. Some of these sessions available from May/June 2024 onwards (subject to demand, reservation and timetable, please check with Administration):

    Enjoy Wallpaper and other Interior Decoration, Interior Design and Sophisticated window treatments, Soft furnishing with Curtains and Cushions, Interior Designing with Heavy Drapes and Carpets, Designing Interiors with Ceramics, Antiques and Valuable Collectibles, Textiles and Fabrics with Interiors, History of Furniture Design within Interior Design, Interiors Fantasy with Colour, Form and Texture, Specialised Lighting used in Interiors, Designing interiors with Water effects, Interiors with Lighting and Sound, Designing Exteriors with Timber Buildings and Garages in your Garden or Estate. Incorporate and Design Classic Car Garages within your exterior Space, Horticulture and using plants in the Creative process, Horticulture and Garden Design, Garden Design and planting, Landscape Garden Overview. Using Contractors to complete your Interior Design Projects. Specialists in Paint effects, Tactile finishes, Distressed Chic finishes and the Shabby look, Exquisite Interior Design with no expense spared. Understanding Art and Sculpture Be prepared for the Property Investment invasion in London!

    Become the Specialist, join our Renowned Diploma, the course in London where you do not pay extra.

    There are so many areas to choose from, your Clients will love your extended knowledge and your ability to deliver.

    Student Reviews

    I have always loved sketching and drawing freehand with colour rendering; I was good at Art and Design at school and also learnt the practicality of woodwork and construction.

    student design image

    I enjoy drawing and painting buildings in towns and cities and also observing and representing countryside landscapes. I would like to experiment with special colour effects and textures and become proficient in displaying my ideas through CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology.

    I am passionate about interior design and in my own home I have designed my bedroom, changing the space from the ordinary to the unusual and extraordinary by designing special seating areas and space saving storage, carefully choosing furniture and fittings which complement the design with plenty of space around for me to listen to music watch television or read without feeling claustrophobic.

    The choice of lighting changes the mood and also the comfortable, dreamy ambience to a more active one if required. I gain inspiration from glossy magazines such as the World of Interiors but now feel the time has come for me to take a course and improve my talent for design.

    I have chosen colours that make the room feel larger but at the same time appear cool when the temperature is warm and comforting when the temperature is cold: the perfect living space designed by me and for me.

    I want to design interiors for others and start a business in interior design, working for clients. This can be commercial or residential interior design. I know what I want and need in design and I want to be able to provide this as a service to others on a professional fee paying basis. I want interior design to be my daily work from which I can financially survive.

    Where can I find an organisation, school, college or Academy where I can enrol for an economical, flexible course which I can attend on a regular basis for a few hours per week? JJAADA Academy.

    Where I can study for a vocational certificate or diploma in interior design, which will give me all the skills to function as an interior designer for real clients with commercial or residential projects in and around London and the home counties? JJAADA Academy.

    I also enjoy travelling and would love the experience of working freelance in countries other than Britain.

    A passionate and creative individual interested in becoming an interior designer.

    Student Quote:

    JJAADA Academy student group

    “I chose to attend JJAADA Academy as it was the most flexible (in terms of times/days) course I found in London; and it covered all aspects of Interior Design.

    As well as the obvious topics of this profession that you would expect to be covered in most courses, JJAADA also covers the business side and how you would run your own Interior Design company. They give guidance on interacting with clients and how you would approach documenting all of your business dealings.

    You also have the opportunity to work on actual design projects during the course. It gives you first-hand experience of working through a project from start to finish with the aid of experienced professionals. So that when you venture out on your own, you have experience behind you already.

    During my time at the Academy I found Joao helped me the most to develop as an Interior Designer.

    When I first came here, I thought I had very poor drawing/painting/general artistic skills. However, with the help of Joao, I have discovered that I can in fact draw – also paint, render my work realistically and to work with different mediums.

    I am now confident to use acrylic paints, pastel, colour pencils, polished plaster and many other paint effects – which I never imagined I would be able to do. Luckily, Joao is very patient and nothing is too difficult to do. I enjoyed attending his classes the most and found not only did I learn skills I didn’t realise I could; but also philosophise about life.

    Over the last three years my confidence as an Interior Designer has grown exponentially. Through the Academy I have learnt how to research a project, how to bring my ideas to life, how to present my work to clients, how to execute a project and that the industry is much more than ‘interior decoration’.

    JJAADA Academy covers many aspects and you can specialise in many areas. As with all professions, it involves a lot of hard work; but if you are willing to put this in you will get back also.

    I am looking forward to working as an Interior Designer full time, and with the help of JJAADA Academy, I feel much more positive and confident to do this.

    Lastly, but by no means least, I would like to thank June for all her help and chats during my time at JJAADA Academy. She is always on hand to help and to try to sort things out for you. June I appreciate everything you have done.”

    Student Testimonial:

    JJAADA Academy student testimonial

    “Over the last three years, I have spent studying at JJAADA Academy, I have refined and completed not only my knowledge and expertise in the general design process, but also managed to build up my skills in technical know-how. Computer generated 3D visuals were always out of my reach in the past, but I have now managed to achieve a high-end look using various design software programs. Due to the flexible way of tuition, I was able not only to continue working in my other job during the length of the course, but also managed to do work experience as well as some own design projects, so I would like to thank JJAADA for that.”

    Barbara – JJAADA Academy Student
    A Career in Art and Design, A to Z

    Art: the human expression of communicating a story, truth or emotion. The work of art can express its creator’s capacity to master a specific medium or to impart a powerful message.

    Decorative Arts: the term traditionally used for the design and manufacture of functional objects, in contrast to Fine Art, whose sole purpose is to create a sensory effect. Multi-faceted designer Terence Conran celebrated the aesthetics of utility, the intrinsic beauty and decorative effect to be found and crafted into objects in daily use.

    Interior Design: the means by which an idea or concept becomes a practical reality by a sequence of activities known as the Design Process.

    This involves the analysis and interpretation of many facets, both practical (location; scale; budget; timeline; regulations) and creative (the client’s emotional and philosophical aspirations; style of project; materials that will most effectively achieve the desired result.)

    David Hicks, one of Britain’s foremost twentieth century designers, focused his creative genius on all aspects of interior design, from the overall concept of the space and his confident use of audacious colour combinations and unorthodox materials to the designing of fabrics and furniture. All to produce stunning and memorable settings.

    Start Date from May/June 2024 (Conditions Apply).

    Weekdays: 10am to 1pm, 2pm to 5pm, 6pm to 9pm.
    Saturday: 10am to 1pm, 2pm to 5pm.
    Sunday: 11am – 2 pm, 2.30pm – 5.30pm.

    The above access is arranged between the Academy and the student and is subject to attendance numbers and can be changed.

    Flexible access courses: 3, 6, 12, 18 hours per week including weekends.
    9 hours course is evenings & weekends only. (Conditions apply)

    Study and Practice to be an Interior Designer in London England UK

    Being an Interior/Exterior Designer

    JJAADA Academy project board

    Are you a creative person? Are you in touch with the latest fashion trends in colour, furnishings, fabrics and lighting? Do you read all the latest home decoration, living space, lighting, decorative effects, mood-inspiring magazines? – You may be able to become an Interior Designer.

    An Interior Designer’s daily experience

    You will meet the client, survey the property, receive the design brief and negotiate your fee with an initial payment before starting the work and the balance to be payable in stages.

    You will prepare a sketch-scheme and, when that has been approved, carry out working drawings by free-hand or computer-aided design, ie AutoCAD, using other packages to support your visuals: Photoshop/Sketchup, ArchiCad, Artlantis, etc to assist you to maximise on your visualising and photo-real presentations.

    During this time you will also be discussing and liaising with suppliers, lighting, furniture, soft furnishings and textiles specialists, sound experts, considering and selecting design enhancements such as water effects, art (contemporary and old masters), antiques, artefacts, sculpture, window treatments, garden design and planting.

    How to become an Interior Designer

    If you are thinking about a career at school or are about to leave school with A-levels, university might appear to be the choice as this is the traditional path for the professional adult and will take several years – normally 3-4 for a first degree and more if you wish to study for an MA. If you are past this time you may consider part-time educational courses that will give you an equivalent vocational qualification. Alternatively, there are some very good private design academies, colleges, schools that have an excellent reputation for shortening the process, with greater focus on the practice of design as opposed to design education. The top pages of Google, Bing and Yahoo will give you a choice of these organisations, many of which are in London.

    How much can I earn when I leave JJAADA Academy as an Interior Designer?

    Full-time: £50,000 to £75,000 per annum; part-time: £1,000 per 40 hours (more or less).