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Have a career change into design and work in the industry

    Art & Design Courses at JJAADA Academy

    JJAADA Academy

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    Have a career change into design and work in the industry


    interior design career in london

    Enjoy exclusivity & learn how to be an Interior Designer, Online Skype & Zoom. Choose Monday-Friday & weekends. Established 1999, Offer (subject to availability).

    We have limited places. See Short Courses.

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    Special Offer For July/August 2024, subject to availability.

    Design Online Diploma-Pro-Cert (1-2-1) -12 days (36 hours) AutoCAD/SketchUp/Photoshop/Revit+ Aftercare for 12 weeks (access).

    Course at Home:
      We can also arrange for a tutor to visit you on a regular basis (London only), if you are unable to attend sessions with the Academy, please call to discuss this way of participating on a course.

    Interior Design Courses London

    Quote from Rasa JJAADA Academy Student.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt many new things, not only about interiors but about myself and I had a chance to meet different kind of students from different countries I would highly recommend this course to anyone and everyone and cannot praise the JJAADA Academy enough.

    Career Change to Interior Design: What do you do every day, do you love it and find it completely absorbing?
    Academy student If you are a professional individual. Accountant, Solicitor, Barrister, Engineer, Doctor, IT Specialist, Teacher, Salesperson, Marketing Manager, Manager or PA, Secretary, you may be in an area of work which you have trained for but does not satisfy your thirst for creativity. Art and Design, Textile Design, Ceramics, Sculpture, Stained Glass, Woodwork, Metalwork, Artefacts, Antiques and Collectibles are all inspiring and working in this area is fascinating and rewarding.

    Do you enjoy working with people, exchanging ideas, discussing the colourful places you have visited, your home and you design ideas for the interior and exterior?

    Interior Design and Decoration in London.
    Interior Design and Decoration with Garden Design encompass all the areas of creativity and also professionalism.
    Our Homepage will show you how to be part of the world of Design and also how to ‘Earn & Learn’ while you are beginning your new Career Change to a more exciting and inspirational Lifestyle.

    Interior and Garden Design Certificate/Diploma Courses start from July/August 2024 (subject to availability).
    Call JJAADA Academy today on 0207 760 7487 and ask to speak to a Designer, or fill in our contact form.

    Changed to an Interior Design Career: Examples of our students – follow them on facebook:

    Academy student profileBarbara Braeunlich from Germany studied at London College of Fashion, Louise Brahy was at Le Val Notre Dame, Antheit in Belgium, Rusa Akbas studied at the Black Sea University in Turkey and works as an interior designer. Leandro Bomfin has finished his Diploma and is back near Rio de Janiero in Brazil, Daniel Petrov is busy learning all the skills at the Academy.

    Karina Arteaga Cifra who speaks Spanish, English, Italian and French has a choice of many locations to continue her career in interior design.

    Renata McCartney, having gained a distinction in her Diploma worked for Alidad the interior designers in London and returned to Brazil. Michelle Milner-Joseph is finishing her Diploma and returning to South Africa to work as an interior designer.

    Ainur Kuliyeva finished her course and is an artist/interior designer at Aya Haswell interiors. Nicolas Houisse is from Chartres in France and is continuing his Diploma programme with the Academy as is Aisling Catherine Henry who previously was at Goldsmiths University of London.

    Emily Burt at Burt Design, Charlotte Hutchinson, Dal Virdi, Emily Stafford, Matt Soul, Sandijs Skujins, Svetlana Abadjieva and Waardah Karimboksh presented their projects at the Great British Home Show at Bluewater over the Jubilee weekend.

    Quotes from previous JJAADA Academy students:

    During my time at that JJAADA Academy, I have learnt a wealth of skills and I found my skill level really increased quite quickly. Thank you to the academy, the tutors and June for all your time and hospitality as it has been a joy to learn what I have through you. I am hoping I will find a path which gives me an opportunity to use the wealth of skills that I have learnt through the JJAADA Academy.

    JJAADA Academy Student recently finished her course.

    Natasha – JJAADA Academy Student.
    Over the last three years, I have spent studying at JJAADA Academy, I have refined and completed not only my knowledge and expertise in the general design process, but also managed to build up my skills in technical know-how. Computer generated 3D visuals were always out of my reach in the past, but I have now managed to achieve a high-end look using various design software programs. Due to the flexible way of tuition, I was able not only to continue working in my other job during the length of the course, but also managed to do work experience as well as some own design projects, so I would like to thank JJAADA for that.

    Barbara – JJAADA Academy Student.
    JJAADA Academy gave me opportunity to work with real people in real life projects and to know and understand the industry of interior design. It allowed me to grow in strength and confidence and I would like to personally thank all of the tutors for this. Once again a very big “Thank You!”

    Hamid – JJAADA Academy Student.
    I started my course in February 2011 and was well received by everyone in the Academy. The Tutors were very helpful and the academic spirit during classes was very good and motivating. During my time at JJAADA Academy, I have met people that really Inspired me and helped in achieving my goals as an Interior Designer. Currently I am working in the Interior Design company I always dreamed of and am applying for competitions.

    Catia – JJAADA Academy Student.
    I joined the Academy in February 2011. I had done a lot of research on Design Institutions in the London area and was drawn to the personal, flexible and relaxed atmosphere of JJAADA Academy.

    Having been a Financial Manager for over 14 years I was unsure of what to expect from the course, as Interior Design could not be further than the rigidity of the financial world.

    In hindsight I had nothing to be concerned about and my reservations were invalid.

    The course content was diverse and very hands-on. We were not spoon fed with too much information which made one more determined to research as many aspects of the design world as possible. It was therefore suitably challenging and rewarding as it prepares you in so many aspects for the “real world”.

    The tutors are fantastic and were always ready to assist where possible. They were encouraging and motivating and took the time to get to know their students personally and treated us as individuals. From a personal level it is this interaction that pushed me further to succeed.

    As the tutors are all working Designers themselves they are extremely knowledgeable and their advice and mentoring has been invaluable.

    The students at the Academy are friendly and are always happy to discuss projects and assist and encourage each other, which has been most refreshing. I met many like minded people and as a result made some wonderful friends in the process.

    June (Sawyer Administration Manager) has been tremendous and is efficient, friendly and always happy to point you in the right direction.

    The Academy became a part of my life and finishing my course has been bittersweet as I will miss all the opportunities on offer as well as everyone in the organisation.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending the Academy to any prospective students.

    Lastly I would like to thank everybody at the Academy, students and tutors alike for making my experience so memorable and for helping me to discover the “Art of the Possible”.

    Michelle – JJAADA Academy Student, July 2012.
    I am absolutely loving the Academy! I find the teachers excellent in all they do and very patient with me. I have made some wonderful friends with the students already and we are always keen to know how we are all getting on with the classes. I am very grateful to be attending the Academy I am having the time of my life! I cannot wait to move on to advanced classes and get started on some real projects.

    Krissie – JJAADA Academy Student, March 2012.
    My confidence has grown dramatically over the years at JJAADA Academy, they have provided me with strong foundations and teachings to tackle any project. I believe I am a great designer and have lot to offer people and I have the tutors at JJAADA
    Academy to thank for that.

    Jitka Kobzova – JJAADA Academy Student.
    Studying at the JJAADA Academy is a unique experience. The atmosphere at the Academy is friendly and welcoming and I have made friendships with my fellow students which I intend to maintain for years to come.”

    “I have learnt about the World of Art and how it influences the World of Interiors. Joao was an invaluable mentor in this, with his degree of knowledge about Art and its place in Interior Design. He had a great many insights about how Artwork could play its role in Interior Design. I was able to define my style of Interior Design and how to convey my ideas to clients. I learnt to present my work digitally through Autocad and Photoshop and manually with detailed drawings. I will take a lot more away with me from the Academy. I have had the opportunity to work with talented people, experts in their various fields. I have met many different people and made some lasting friendships. I would like to thank all of the tutors and especially June for all their help and guidance during my time here.”

    Leandro Bomfim – JJAADA Academy Student, completed his Diploma in 2010.
    JJAADA Academy Student’s Report July 2011 (Extracts).

    Life at JJAADA Academy

    “This semester has been my last run to the finish line at the JJAADA Academy. I had pretty much ticked all of the boxes up to that point, but I was spoilt for choice in the remaining sessions I had to take. I decided to choose Project Design and Sustainable Design as the information on these classes seemed really well thought out and interesting.

    The first class started on site and for Project Design we visited The Tate Modern and Sloane square and for Sustainable Design we went to The Millennium Village and The Building Centre. I love going “on-site” as class rooms can sometimes be a difficult place to stimulate the mind. Visually walking around and talking about the process and ideas is a great way of teaching and learning!

    The projects we were given were demanding, but I was up for the challenge and enjoyed the way the tutors expected more from us, pushing us to strive harder and further.

    In Project Design we had to redesign a shop environment for Louis Vuitton, which included: drawings, space planning, circulation plans, model making and final panels with sections and elevations finished in Photoshop. It was the first time I had been told about Bubble Plans, Circulation, Commercial Regulations and Movement through a Space. I feel that I have really excelled my knowledge in this area. I was glad to hear that the computer side of the presentation was being pushed as whenever I look for jobs, it seems that is a fundamental requirement to know these skills and it was such a benefit to be using CAD – based packages and Photoshop every day. I feel like I really have them under my belt now and it really surprises me looking back, just how much I have taken in over the past two months.

    In Sustainable Design we were required to research Energy Efficient Solutions and then develop that research, choosing products to be introduced into a design scheme for a house of four individuals. I have done a lot of research within this particular class and I have found it very demanding.

    Now, having completed the research and learnt about the different methods and requirements, I feel that I have a grasp on this area of design. I personally believe that it is the future of design and as the government changes its legislation in the future, designers and architects will be required to address newer, greener forms of design.

    My project was presented yesterday as a package of panels, with Plan Drawings, Sections in AutoCAD and Photoshop and Sample Boards to accompany them. I was extremely proud of what I had achieved. I really enjoyed both projects, and I feel like I have moved forward a year in terms of progress, in the last couple of months. I have developed a means to prioritize projects and know just how much I need to deliver!”

    JJAADA Academy Student recently finished her course.

    Emily – JJAADA Academy Student.
    This is the moment I was waiting for to become a qualified Interior Designer. It was a long but good journey for me to finish my interior design course and I am glad that I learnt so much from Jjaada Academy. All my hard work did pay off and I believe it was in my best interest to put to use all of my dedication and effort to learn from the skilled Designers provided by the Academy. I met so many good students and tutors during my studies and I would also like to thank the Academy for the help I received with my projects.

    The changing career ages range for our Diploma Course average around 27 to 47 years. The Academy welcomes members (students) who have come from other professional backgrounds: Accountants, Bankers, Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Film makers, Architects, Graphics, Branding, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Retail Management, Fashion / Buyers, Management, Administration, Information Technology, Social Services, Catering and many others including those interested in property enhancement.

    We may not have included your age or profession in the above, however that does not mean you cannot add creativity to your life! Contact us for a preliminary talk to introduce you to the World of Art & Design – Interior Design, and if you have the same profile as our existing members (students), you may be invited for interview and offered a place at the Academy.

    At the end of their course our members (students) join together to form design associations, and successfully achieve work.