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‘Earn & Learn’

    Art & Design Courses at JJAADA Academy

    JJAADA Academy

    34 South Molton Street
    Mayfair, London
    W1K 5RG, United Kingdom


    (0207) 760 7487

    ‘Earn & Learn’

    Keep safe, enjoy exclusivity & learn how to be an Interior Designer, Online Skype & Zoom. Choose Monday-Friday & weekends. Established 1999, Offer (subject to availability).

    Due to COVID we have limited places (1-2-1). See Short Courses.

    See Special Offer below:

    Special Offer For September/October 2023, subject to availability.

    Design Online Diploma-Pro-Cert (1-2-1) -12 days (36 hours) AutoCAD/SketchUp/Photoshop/Revit+ Aftercare for 12 weeks (access).


    Attendance not available until further notice (Skype and Zoom courses currently enrolling with limited availability).

    Working on real projects, students joining (limited places) can participate.

    Certificate (1) + Certificate (2) + Diploma (3), join us (50% offer) September/October 2023. Join Award winning Academy & successful Students, many with their own Interior Design & Decoration Businesses. Part individual tuition small student group 3 to 6, Creativity & Industry Skills know-how. Welcome Creative students, UK, EU, Saudi Arabia, Africa, Asia & Far East. Enjoy our courses, call to arrange a visit. Innovative since 1999.
    Call 0207 760 7487

    Subsidised Diploma

    Call us on 0207 760 7487 if you would like more information about our Standby Interior Design Course.

    There are a few places available in September/October 2023 (85% of applicants are subsidised).

    This is your pathway to a creative career ‘Earn & Learn’ Subsidised Option Diploma £8,190 (Standard Diploma without Subsidy £23,400).

    “Over the last three years, I have spent studying at JJAADA Academy, I have refined and completed not only my knowledge and expertise in the general design process, but also managed to build up my skills in technical know-how. Computer generated 3D visuals were always out of my reach in the past, but I have now managed to achieve a high-end look using various design software programs. Due to the flexible way of tuition, I was able not only to continue working in my other job during the length of the course, but also managed to do work experience as well as some own design projects, so I would like to thank JJAADA for that.”

    Barbara Braeunlich “I come from an art background, so I have a degree as an artist. And whilst I was doing that degree, I realised that art does not translate into a a proper profession; you can be a struggling artist for the rest of your life or you can translate it into something more concrete and substantial.

    I have always been interested in interiors and a couple of years ago I started looking for a course to make my portfolio. I did compare a lot and this academy was offering what I needed, being so flexible..”