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Questions and answers relating to an exciting career interior design

    Art & Design Courses at JJAADA Academy

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    Questions and answers relating to an exciting career interior design

    Overview of current fees: half day 3 hours £69 (choice of days), full day 6 hours £129.

    Courses at JJAADA Academy are not impersonal online sessions accessed by laptop on your dining room table.

    They are face-to-face sessions individually on Zoom or WhatsApp run by professional designers who are keen to impart their expertise one 2 one (during COVID-19), 3-hour slots.

    It is an interactive and supportive ambiance where each student has the opportunity to stretch their talent and there is ample opportunity to focus on the needs and aspirations of each individual. We are amongst the best interior design colleges in London,

    Q & A – If we have not answered your question, please Tel to clarify any issues that may be unclear 0207 760 7487

    To a friend also thinking about a career in interior design, answering her questions

    student detail paintingAs you know, as a highly qualified professional aged 37 and having worked at a responsible level for long hours for the last 12 years, I am finally of the opinion that I must change my career to a lifestyle that I yearn for, working creatively with interested people, beautiful artifacts, colours, textures and lighting. I am also a problem solver and my life is well organised and I love making plans for the future.

    I have researched pretty much all the good quality and reputable interior design diploma and certificate courses. Most of the schools and colleges are still providing a traditional approach to learning and are not too easily persuaded to change to the current computer aided age and do not want to exercise their minds to make short cuts with the new technology available.

    I have found an Academy in London that mixes inspiration and tradition with technology and because the specialists and experts are not teachers but professionals working in their own freelance business practices, the atmosphere is more like work but also fun!

    My expectation has been surpassed and the course which, as well as affordable is extremely flexible, fits my bill to a Tee. I am sure you would love it too, and you could start with a Certificate and carry on to a full Diploma as you got used to fitting it in with your working schedule.

    I am in the middle of the age range of career changers there and have made many new ‘creative’ friends and look forward each week to leaving work and enjoying my art and interior design learning experience. Although the work is involving I find it relaxing and as I go home I find myself enthusiastic and impatient for the next session.

    Clients since the nineties have been encouraged to bring their projects to the Academy and I have finally built up the confidence with support from mentors, tutors, specialists and experts to be working on a significant project which is amazing my family and friends.

    I intend to spend more time as an Interior Designer in the world of Art and Design and I wish to change from an exhausted high income earning professional to a thoroughly content, financially adequate individual enjoying every day.

    Questions & Answers

    student at work




    Q. I am considering a career change and have a modest redundancy package. How can an Interior Design Diploma or Certificate help to provide me with an income?

    Our courses are designed to get students working in the real world as soon as they have reached the necessary level of experience and creative expertise and feel able to organise part of a brief, working on real projects under the supervision of our tutors, with the reassurance that they can be guided at each step of the exercise.

    Q. Do you have Interior Design Diploma courses for beginners?

    A. We do not require any specific level of training in Interior Design.
    A flair for design can be sparked by a passion for colours and textures, an enquiring attitude that recognises style in the unexpected combination of seemingly unlikely elements, a thirst for excellence and originality.

    Such qualities, combined with the inspiration provided by our experienced tutors, can allow an individual to produce designs which no amount of standard interior design education can match.

    Q. Do I need experience in Interior Design before joining JJAADA Academy?

    A. It is not absolutely necessary for you to have experience in Interior Design before joining JJAADA Academy. If you are highly motivated, brimming over with ideas and determined to pursue this career, our tutors will assist you to develop your design skills to the level you wish to reach.

    Q. I love to design living spaces for friends and family – but could I do well in such a competitive field against other professionals?

    A. Empathy with clients is one of the most valuable skills that Interior Designers need to develop as it is of the utmost importance to understand what the clients want when even they may not be able to express this in words.

    Students at the Academy have the chance to present their ideas before professionals and clients, and will quickly gain in confidence and awareness of design while at the same time they increase in sensitivity to the views of others.

    Q. Will joining JJAADA Academy help me to communicate in English?

    A. At JJAADA Academy you will find a wide variety of nationalities are represented; it is an intensively vibrant and multicultural group of students and tutors.

    As English is the common language it is inevitable that your communicating skills will quickly improve, whilst at the same time you absorb the variety of designs originating from different parts of the world.

    Q. Can I become an Interior Designer at 60?

    A. There is no age limit to becoming a designer, although we do not offer courses to applicants under the age of 18.

    Mature students may be unfamiliar with the practical and technical aspects of design but your knowledge of the world, travel, interests and hobbies will all have helped to meld you into the creative and critical personality you now are.

    As long as you have an enquiring approach and are open to new possibilities, all that is needed is self belief and enthusiasm.

    Q. How can I choose a course that will stretch my specific Interior Design skills?

    A. JJAADA Academy offers a wide range of design courses and our tutors are on hand to advise you about which design path may be the most appropriate for you to achieve your desired aim. As you gain in knowledge, experience and confidence you can modify this route to suit your changing views.

    Q. I have trained as a fashion designer – will this help me to design interiors and gardens?

    A. The skills needed for success in fashion translate effortlessly to the profession of interior and garden design: awareness of the individual as related to the design, the powerful effect of juxtaposing textures and colours to create flattering shapes and space.

    Plus the ability to foresee trends and the need to be aware of the aspiration of your market. This also applies to graphics and other design disciplines.

    Q. I love meeting people and helping them to achieve their dream home – can JJAADA Academy show me how to network?

    A. You will find you are surrounded by enthusiastic and motivated fellow students at JJAADA Academy, and working together on projects will develop your ability to empathise with clients, providers, designers in the team, and all this under the guidance of tutors who have years of experience in the profession.

    Q. I am working full time and would like to take an interior design course after hours – can I still do your Diploma course?

    A. Yes. The Diploma course is uniquely versatile and can be taken at a pace to suit your other professional commitments: weekdays, in the evenings, and even at weekends.

    Q. Do I need to live in London to sign up for a Diploma or Certificate?

    A. JJAADA Academy is based in Clapham and is easily accessible from outside London via public transport. You can also sign up for courses in the evenings and at weekends, when travel is less congested.

    Q. My future plans are unclear. Can I keep some of the course on hold and complete it at a later date?

    A. JJAADA Academy’s uniquely flexible courses enable you to pause in your studies. All you have to do is to advise us of your plans and then keep in touch regularly to hold your place until it suits you to resume the course.

    student at jjaada academyLooking for a special individual bespoke Interior Design course arranged around your personal lifestyle?

    Passion for Interior Design and decoration. Learning how to measure, sketch, draw plans, elevations, change space, create form, choose colour & lighting, decide on the textures, treatments and fabrics, select the three dimensional objects taking pride of place within the space.

    Finishing the space, with carefully selected personal details.

    Want an Interior Design career running a freelance business, earning and also learning all aspects of Interior Design and decoration, with an Interior Design lifestyle of opportunity within the Art & Design world?

    Study Interior Design courses and Art & Design courses.

    How to become an Interior Decorator or designer working on real Interior Design projects, designing for clients paying professional fees.

    To design houses large and small, apartments, conversion properties (e.g. barns), roof gardens, terraces and patios.

    Choose Interior Decoration & Interior Design career to be a successful design professional, running an Interior Design and decoration business.

    Do you require a Fast-Track Programme?
    We can also arrange Bespoke Diploma Courses

    To follow your own passion and learn all about Art & Design working with drawing (freehand & technical), colour, form, texture, using a variety of materials and fabrics with lighting, furniture & dressings to create and/or enhance space.

    This may be for your own pleasure or for your own property. Alternatively you may wish to design for clients making Interior Design your career.

    Joining JJAADA Academy means you can choose to do either or both!

    Do you have a project and want to be inspired by an Interior Designer?

    Visit Interior Design Clinics.
    Enrol with us and work on similar projects.

    Our JJAADA Academy Designers are successful working with clients.

    Interior Design Projects include: Large houses, Apartments, Conversions (e.g. Barns), Roof Gardens, Terraces, Patios plus a variety of other work for clients.

    Syllabus covers the following:

    • Learning how to draw from life, to sketch plans & elevations.
    • Perspectives, using drawing to create the room space.
    • Paint effects, lacquering, gilding, lustre, murals, tiles.
    • Watercolour interior visuals enhanced with photoshop.
    • Creative and inspirational mood and presentation boards.
    • Freehand technical drawing, also AutoCAD.
    • Being able to prepare plans, elevations and detail drawings.
    • Arranging a contract with the client including payment schedules.
    • Taking a client brief and the business of interior design and decoration.
    • Being able to obtain consents from local authorities and other legal issues.
    • Working on real projects with contractors, other specialist & expert support.
    • Understanding different periods, selecting antiques & contemporary styles.
    • Sourcing product at fabric houses, furniture suppliers, lighting specialists.
    • Delivering the finished project and receiving the full fee agreed with client.