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What Next?

    Art & Design Courses at JJAADA Academy

    JJAADA Academy

    34 South Molton Street
    Mayfair, London
    W1K 5RG, United Kingdom


    (0207) 760 7487

    What Next?

    What Next? – You have searched the internet and you are aware of the courses available, there are different Diplomas and different amounts of attendance. We have provided for over 18 years 600 hours (or 100 days of 6 hours) to our students, these are flexible in classroom sessions

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    Start your Creative Journey …

    3 hours sketching at the V&A Museum South Kensington London

    Join us Wednesdays at the Victoria & Albert Museum with one of our Specialists, learning how to look, understanding perspective by sketching in large spaces. Few places available.

    Times: 10.00 am-1.00pm and/or 2.00pm-5.00pm, see the Interior Design Courses page formore information on the short course

    Please follow these steps below:

    1) The Academy is located in Mayfair and Central London and the courses are exclusive and individual, catering for all ages over 20 (mainly between 27- 47 years although we have successes at 18 and over 60) and level of ability and experience.

    2) We need to discuss your aims and aspirations in relation to Art and Interior Design and find out whether you wish to be an Interior Designer or follow another Art or Design discipline.

    3) Please initially fill in the contact details, then you will receive by return an e-mail with privileged information. If you then wish to take your enquiry to the next stage, please call to make an appointment to speak to a Course Administrator who will discuss your choices for your career path and will assist you to select the most suitable course depending on your requirements.

    The Diploma Course is the most popular with 100 days or 600 hours in 3 hour sessions for you to access at the Academy with your choice of Tutors, Specialists and Experts, structured as full-time, spending up to 1-5 days per week at the Academy or part-time including weekends and/or evenings.

    See Interior Design Courses page.

    Note: Please be aware that you do not have to come on each day of the week as part of the full-time course, your days however sporadically attended, need to add up to the 100 days to complete the Diploma, which could take up to 2 years depending on your time constraints.

    4) We would then invite you for a telephone interview. If you wish to participate and we are able to assist you to achieve your Art & Design / Interior Design mission, you would complete the application form (see example) and make the agreed payment. (Note: we do not accept payments online.)

    5) As the courses are structured for the individual you can commence any month during the 3 annual sessions: Spring, Summmer, Autumn.
    The Diploma Course usually commences on an Introduction Week so that new students have the opportunity of interacting with existing colleagues and tutors etc.

    6) You will find the courses accessible to all ages and experiences, consisting of small groups. (With no more than 20 students attending the daily course at any one time), sessions usually comprise around 4-6, with larger groups up to approximately 10 coming together for selected sessions e.g. drawing and painting (life models). On some visits and trips up to 15 students may attend.
    Note: Each student follows their individual pathway. Their individual area development will usually be on a one-to-one basis.

    Drawing and Colour

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    I want to learn how to draw freehand and use colour – how and where can I do that?

    When you are out and about in towns and cities, look up and appreciate what Architects, Designers and Craftsman have created for our visual pleasure over the centuries. We spend most of our time looking down at the paving stones, avoiding eye contact with our fellow beings.

    Starts afresh, engage with the world around you, start looking not just seeing.

    At JJAADA Academy we shall introduce the Victoria and Albert Museum to you regularly each week, showing you again and again how to look, even though you think you can: try again and you will see how your surroundings are structured. Look at the objects around the subject you are drawing, the space with its multitude of shapes and colours around your subject will accurately be measured by the drawing you are representing and also help you to select the areas which most assist the definition of the subject.

    Colour will help you to introduce spatial awareness, and the importance of the foreground and distance to your representation by drawing and/or painting.

    Enjoy being at JJAADA Academy – where you will learn how to draw freehand and use colour!

    Our Team Of Specialists and Experts


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    Will guide you and develop your skills (drawing is a skill) in the direction you wish to go, either to further Art & Design education or into the commercial world of Interior, exhibition or other area of design, including changing the interior of your own home.

    Your Academy Certificate or Diploma will be a valuable asset when added to your existing qualifications or achievements. We are sure that your energy, time and financial investment will prove immensely worthwhile, bearing in mind that you will be working under the supervision of designers who are amongst the best in the industry.

    Please telephone the Course Admissions on 0207 760 7487 if you would like to reserve a place subject to your application forms’ receipt and acceptance. We have many more potential candidates than places available. We are confident that we can fill your individual requirements in 3D / Interior Design, or the Decorative Arts whether for leisure or career purposes.

    Please fill in our contact form and give your details for us to contact you to make a reservation.