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Do you need an Interior Designer?

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    Do you need an Interior Designer?

    Do you need an Interior Designer?

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    Examples of Student Projects

    Student Project

    Interior Design Courses London 2024

    Visit Grand Designs LIVE, Jjaada Academy was a main sponsor for the exhibition at London’s Excel for the colourscape area. The Interior Design Living Space – Exterior Garden Design Space – Kitchen Design

    Grand Designs project image 1Grand Designs Colourscape image 2Grand Designs image 3

    flat conversion presentation board

    JJAADA Academy is renowned in the interior design and decoration world comprising art, sculpture and decoration including textiles and ceramics, as being an academy that inspires and makes practical the entry to the industry or freelance jobs or work contracts that provide fees, contract payments or salaries to a group of people who previously could only dream that they could survive creatively and financially being an interior designer.

    The courses are flexible and affordable, using our variable access, economical, subsidised Diploma programme. Study our website and visit the pages which highlight our career change students and those students coming to the completion of their Interior Design Diploma Courses who have found a successful entry into the business and continue at the Academy’s friendly and supportive environment as Interior Designers, liaising with our specialist tutors and experts to assist them in delivering projects to their clients.

    You can find short courses, even join for taster days, specific days or summer courses, one to one individual programmes within our Diploma programmes with our specialists, assisting student designers to work on real projects with clients and finish them to a high level, delivered on time and within budget.

    You can choose from Certificates or a Diploma in Interior Design and/or Decoration with involvement in freehand drawing, working with colour, creating perspectives in your sketch schemes, working out all the detailed design with our specialists and expert design professionals (all of whom work in the business of Architecture, Interior Architecture or Interior Design and Decoration) creating beautiful visuals and images, some photo-real, using computer packages such as Sketchup, Artlantis, AutoCAD and ArchiCAD to provide professional images and technical drawings to your clients and contractors.

    At the moment you may have aspirations to change career to be a Commercial Interior Designer or Residential Interior Designer or Decorator or you may just want to design your own bedroom. We shall train you as an Interior Designer, Decorator or Garden Designer to find salaried work in London full time and/or be paid fees as a freelance Interior Designer where you can work alongside your professional career, eg Lawyer, Doctor, Banker, Manager, Business, Accountant, Marketing Consultant, IT Specialist, Engineer, etc. Scan our home page and follow the links to find out how students use the Academy for their betterment and professional success. You can access part time, full time, daytime (weekdays), night-time (weekdays) and Saturdays and Sundays (daytime only).

    Why wait until sometime in the future? Join now. See our Special Sponsored Offers making the courses more affordable and flexible than you imagined.

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    Being an Interior Designer

    Are you a creative person? Are you in touch with the latest fashion trends in colour, furnishings, fabrics and lighting? Do you read all the latest home decoration, living space, lighting, decorative effects, mood-inspiring magazines? – You may be able to become an Interior Designer.

    An Interior Designer’s daily experience

    You will meet the client, survey the property, receive the design brief and negotiate your fee with an initial payment before starting the work and the balance to be payable in stages. You will prepare a sketch-scheme and, when that has been approved, carry out working drawings by free-hand or computer-aided design, ie AutoCAD, using other packages to support your visuals: Photoshop/Sketchup, ArchiCad, Artlantis, etc to assist you to maximise on your visualising and photo-real presentations. During this time you will also be discussing and liaising with suppliers, lighting, furniture, soft furnishings and textiles specialists, sound experts, considering and selecting design enhancements such as water effects, art (contemporary and old masters), antiques, artefacts, sculpture, window treatments, garden design and planting.

    How to become an Interior Designer

    If you are thinking about a career at school or are about to leave school with A-levels, university might appear to be the choice as this is the traditional path for the professional adult and will take several years – normally 3-4 for a first degree and more if you wish to study for an MA. If you are past this time you may consider part-time educational courses that will give you an equivalent vocational qualification. Alternatively, there are some very good private design academies, colleges, schools that have an excellent reputation for shortening the process, with greater focus on the practice of design as opposed to design education. The top pages of Google, Bing and Yahoo will give you a choice of these organisations, many of which are in London, for example, Inchbald, Interior Design School, JJAADA Academy, KLC.

    How much can I earn as an Interior Designer?

    Full-time: £50,000 to £75,000 per annum; part-time: £1,000 per 40 hours (more or less).

    JJAADA Academy student bedroom project

    The Interior Designed Living Space

    Why do you want to be an interior designer in London or perhaps in your own country if you are from overseas or the European Union? JJAADA Academy is one of the foremost colleges for Interior and Garden Design in London and offers a range of opportunities for a change of career for adults contemplating a new lifestyle transformation to interior design or becoming an interior decorator working with contemporary furniture, artefacts or antiques and collectibles, with up to the minute lighting technology.

    Our innovative timetabling methods provide a learning or study schedule to suit each individual’s needs and commitments – students can attend from a maximum access of 18 hours per week (6 sessions) to 3 hours per week (1 session) and there are opportunities for even greater flexibility for students who need to take longer breaks from their studies.

    Our sessions are on weekdays including evenings and also on Saturdays and Sundays in the daytime so that you can study for a Certificate (200 hours) or a Diploma (600 hours) without giving up your current work. We can even arrange for you to have ‘One to One’ individual tuition.

    Aspiring interior designers work on real projects, and develop technical skills which enable them to practice their chosen creative pathway to their new career. We cover all aspects of Interior Design ‘Hands On’ or with Computers, practical Creative Workshops, understanding Sustainable design and the Contemporary or Antiques areas of the Interior Design Business. The delivery of a Project and running the Business of Interior Design or Decoration is part of the JJAADA Timetable. Interior Design and Decoration is a wide subject influencing the living environment of people who understand the mood of the space that they are participating in. A house or home is a living space functioning like a machine and the form, colour, texture within the space has a calming or active contribution to the living space.

    When you learn how to look at your environment and understand what that environment can do for your senses, you can influence others with the knowledge that the designed interior space with the relevant lighting can make a real difference to the enjoyment of that space. At JJAADA Academy we shall show you how to look, drawing that space and the colour, textures, furniture and fitting which will contribute to the feeling the occupants get from that space. Why do you want to be an interior designer? Come to the JJAADA Academy and find out for yourself!

    student interior design projects

    Design a space as a home

    My mode of life has changed, I want to enjoy every day in its entirety and be persuaded to be in the position where I am inspired and enlightened by my participation in the beautiful environment that I share with other people who are of the same mind set. Look around, take photographs when short of time or draw your space and the objects within as you live the carefree life of permanent pleasure and leisure. Interior Design is that life, absorbing information, utilising that information creatively to add or streamline your surroundings, minimising clutter and making the space work in its own form rather than being the container for the collection of objects which take away rather than enhance the visual experience. Make the life experience better; remove those objects that do not improve the function of the interior machine, use colours that create smaller and warmer space or larger and cooler space, depending on the need. How about active, vibrant space, as opposed to calm and passive space? Bring in the mix of light and shade forcing change on your perceived mood of maybe exhaustion and apathy rather than inspiring activity, movement and excitement. Change the space with lighting, change the mood or leave the space and find the environment to fit the mood. I do want to be a Designer influencing interior space and the practical and psychological wellbeing created by that space – I hope the client will react favourably! I want to design homes that feel good to live in and be the habitable machine of life. Interior Designer – Design a house into a home

    Garden Design Projects

    Matt Soul, JJAADA Academy Student. Winner of real-world Garden Design Project in Prague offered to JJAADA Academy. See designs, click here:

    garden design project board image 1 garden design project board image 2

    Our students are renowned for the success they achieve in the real world of Interior Design. The Academy is more like a Design Practice than a School, our success with Portfolios and Projects highlights our approach to the Interior and Garden Design learning process.

    Kitchen Design Project

    Exciting Project in Queen’s Park in London Our Specialist for Contemporary Kitchen Design working with students from JJAADA Academy, delivered to a fee-paying client this exciting project in Queen’s Park London. The kitchen is an extension of the house converted into an open space area, with a long skylight, the style has been 80% Contemporary Industrial Design, with a mix of Retro. The kitchen with flooring in polished concrete has a structure and door cabinets in stainless steel, coated in black from Cavendish. The top of the floor cabinets contain oak wood drawers to break the contrast, and a wood strip oak worktop. The wall has been designed with a symmetric design. Between the floor cabinets we included a Smeg range cooker and extractor that worked perfectly with the stainless steel shelves to create an Industrial Design feeling, the addition of the splash-back in Retro tiles has made the space even more interesting, giving a perfect sense of floating. Then, to finally reinforce the Retro design, we have included the free standing 50s style fridge from Smeg. The island was designed in line to create a perfect connection with the wall kitchen area, it contains a Belfast mounted sink, includes a snack area and open shelves with a wine rack on the side of the island. The lighting design above the island has been chosen by the clients, it is composed of three Retro cream pendants creating a perfect sense of task lighting.

    Bathroom Project London SW12

    london bathroom project

    london bathroom project

    london bathroom project

    london bathroom project