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Timetable Demonstration

    Art & Design Courses at JJAADA Academy

    JJAADA Academy

    34 South Molton Street
    Mayfair, London
    W1K 5RG, United Kingdom


    (0207) 760 7487

    Timetable Demonstration

    Attendance in person subject to availability (Skype and Zoom courses currently enrolling with limited availability 20% reduction).

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    The Student’s Personal Timetable (not available during COVID 19), Students arrange with their tutor individual Online Sessions.

    Once you have joined the Academy you are given a personal email account
    and full private access to the online booking system giving you the ability to:

    • Book / unbook your sessions.
    • View information on different courses, visits and events.
    • Manage your time effectively and accurately at the Academy.
    • Read and submit reviews on design events & exhibitions.
    • Source designers and suppliers.
    • Submit feedback on attended courses / tutors.
    • Find out when the latest events are happening around London.
    • You can choose your own flexible programme: 3 to 6 hours daily

    Subject to COVID restrictions and course availability. Currently contact Admin for daily schedules.

    The Best Interior Design Colleges in London

    DayMorningAfternoonEvening (by arrangement)
    MonPortfolio Development & Presentation
    Collectible Artefacts (antiques)
    Sustainable Design
    History of Interior Design
    Creative Workshop
    Sustainable Design
    Bathroom Design
    Creative Drawing & Watercolour
    Residential Design,
    Kitchen Design
    TueResidential Design
    Macro Approach To Design
    Surveying & Scale Drawing
    Business of Interior Design
    Construction Drawing
    Lighting Design
    Technical Drawing (beginners)
    Macro Approach to Design
    Sketchup, Artlantis, ArchiCAD,
    WedFreehand Drawing (V & A museum)
    Drawing Skills
    Creative Technical Design
    Freehand Drawing
    Paint Effects
    Sketchup, Artlantis,
    Interiors Watercolours
    Marbling Trompe l’oeil
    Sketchup, Artlantis, ArchiCAD
    Furniture, Fittings & Equipment
    Sophisticated Window Treatments
    Macro Approach to Design
    Commercial Design
    Designing With Plants
    FriDesigning With Plants
    Creative Workshop
    Construction Drawing
    Residential Design
    Garden Design
    Painting & Paint Finishes

    Creative Workshop
    Sketchup, Artlantis, ArchiCAD, Photoshop
    SatTechnical Drawing
    Collectible Artefacts (antiques) etc
    Sketchup, Artlantis, ArchiCAD
    Garden Design
    Colour Theory
    Sketchup, Artlantis, ArchiCAD, Photoshop
    SunPaint Effects & Finishes , Marbling,
    Trompe l’oeil, Interior Finishes
    Conceptual Design
    Commercial Design
    Note: This timetable is a combination of courses starting in 2021
    (subject to
    change depending on students and project requirements)

    The Student’s Personal Timetable

    Course Sessions – See Interior Design Courses Page
     Residential Interior Design & Decoration Workshop programmes

    a) Learning to look and draw freehand
    b) Freehand drawing/colour/paint effects/room perspectives
    c) Measuring and floor plans
    d) Technical drawing
    e) AutoCAD
    f) Photoshop
    g) Specialised computer drawing/colour skills
    h) Communicating visually with mood boards & presentation boards
    i) Sourcing furnishings & dressings
    j) Understanding art & sculpture to enhance residential space
    k) Use of antiques to create sophistication in the living space
    l) Using graphics and Photoshop to promote your Interior Design business

    Some of the Modules you can join when available:

    Freehand Drawing, Visualising in Colour, Paint effects, Interior Decoration workshops, Interior Design workshops, Technical Drawing, AutoCad, Photoshop, Join a single module, groups of modules, learn the skills hands on by attending and become successful as a freelance designer.

    Short Courses/Workshops on the Diploma Programme:

    Training the Designer’s eye (drawing).
    Choosing the ideal medium to communicate with your client (freehand, technical drawing and with computer software).
    Devising creative solutions for Living Areas, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Gardens.
    Maximising the effect of Lighting, Decoration, Furnishings.
    Advancing your knowledge of Design fundamentals – History, Art, Business.