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Description of all of our courses at JJAADA Academy.

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JJAADA Academy Hotel Project. Students visiting the site. See our fees below


Our Courses are based on the 200 hours Certificate or 600 hours Diploma to suit your timescale or budget. See below Complete Sessions info.

Courses at JJAADA Academy are not impersonal online sessions accessed by laptop on your dining room table. They are face-to-face sessions run by professional designers who are keen to impart their expertise to small groups in 3-hour slots in an interactive and supportive ambience. Each student has the opportunity to stretch their talent and there is ample opportunity to focus on the needs and aspirations of each individual.

Diploma Course.
interior design college londonThe Diploma is made up of 600 hours of tuition which you can spread over a period of approximately 12 to 30 months depending on the hours you can commit each week (and if your circumstances change so can your attendance).

We have Diploma courses available for with a sponsored option and for full time access 18 hours per week this course is reduced by 50%. For part time access of 12 hours per week the course is reduced (with sponsorship) and for evenings and weekends for 9 hours per week the sponsored programme is also reduced.

Students attend sessions made up of small groups that provide plentiful opportunity for individual tuition and shared projects. The distinctive timetable allows students to access modules in a rolling programme to suit their personal schedules in weekdays, evenings and weekends. The Diploma is made up of 600 hours of tuition which you can spread over a period of approximately 12 to 30 months depending on the hours you can commit each week (and if your circumstances change so can your attendance). Standard Diploma 600 Hours Course £23,400 (without sponsorship or promotion).

Conditions & Payment Terms (until October 2016 (subject to availability)).
Interviews to secure sponsorship place (85% success rate). 20% reservation on enrolment for start date October/November, followed by 20% every 3 months x 4 during the next 12 months (free of interest). Bookings can be made with a 10% reservation/enrolment for later start dates. Note: Not available for over 30 concessional 50% reduction or Overseas Students.

Certificate Course.
The Certificate is made up of 200 hours of tuition of approximately 4 to 10 months depending on the hours you can commit each week (and if your circumstances change so can your attendance).

The Certificate can also be taken part-time access 12 hours per week, 6 Hours per week and for evenings and weekends for 9 hours per week.

Other Diploma Course Options:

Standby Diploma: October 2016 (subject to availability). Your New Pathway to a Creative Career. ‘Earn & Learn’ Sponsored Option Diploma (Standard Diploma without sponsorship £23,400). 85% Applicants receive sponsorship,see Alumni Tab. For a few places starting 19 September. Standby Sponsored Diploma,  £25 per 6 Hours Day/100 Days (Total £2,500). You check availability, reserve 2 days per week, 14 days in advance (allows flexible use for cancelled or unused sessions).

Tel 0207 760 7487, email:

Diploma for Overseas Students. Visit the UK for 30 days and when you return to your own country, complete the 70 days with coursework online working with one of our Renowned Designers or Specialist Tutors, Total = £6,500.
Standard Fee £9,750 less 33% Sponsorship available for £3,250. 2 instalments of £3,250 Total = £6,500.

For Students in UK.

1) 18 Hours Per Week, Save 50% £11,700.
Standard sponsored course 18 hours per week (1 year), choose from weekdays (10am – 1pm and 2pm – 5pm) evenings (6pm – 9pm) and weekends mornings and afternoons (see timetable).

2) 12 Hours Per Week Diploma, Save 65% £8,190 – 2a) Certificate £2,730.
Standard sponsored Diploma 600 hours course 12 hours per week (14 months), Certificate 200 hours course 12 hours per week (5 months) choose from weekdays (10am – 1pm and 2pm – 5pm) evenings (6pm – 9pm) and weekends mornings and afternoons (see timetable).

3) 9 Hours Per Week, Save 80% £4,680 (Conditions Apply).
Standard sponsored course 9 hours per week (18 months), (Note: No weekday access) choose from evenings (6pm – 9pm) and weekends mornings and afternoons (see timetable).

4) 6 Hours Per Week, Save 80% £4,680.
Standard sponsored course 6 hours per week (24 months), choose from weekdays (10am – 1pm and 2pm – 5pm) evenings (6pm – 9pm) and weekends mornings and afternoons (see timetable).

Short Courses: See our Other 31 Short Courses Leading Up to the Diploma.

5) 14 Days Over 7 Weeks £750.
Your choice of sessions on the Certificate/Diploma Programme.
6) 7 Days Over 7 Weeks £385.
7 days (1 or 2 days per week/weekends) £385, 7 weeks (1 or 2 days per week/weekends).

Other Course Options:

7) 30 Days Interior Design ‘Experience’ in London £2,950.
Visit one of the top Interior Design Academies in London since 1999 (over 16 years). Welcome Worldwide Visitors to our Art, Interior Design & Fashion ‘Experience’ in London. Join our Tourist Visitors learning all aspects of Interior Design in London. Take back to your own Country the ‘Experience’ and with the new knowledge, ‘how to skills’ obtained from JJAADA Academy. Start Now, your New Career or Business in 2016!

Art, Fashion & Interior Design ‘Experience’ Programme 4 weeks (30 days) October 2016 (subject to availability). Creative Students (all welcome aged over 18) will participate in an ‘Experience’ in all aspects of Art and Design with Internationally Famous Artists and Designers who have exhibited in London, Paris, Madrid and New York. You will also see the work of highly successful Interior and other Designers who have been involved with Major Projects in London and Internationally (the level of exciting, completed and fully functioning projects designed is comparable anywhere in the World of Design). Creative Students will learn all about Art, Fashion & Interior Design & the Historic Art & Design of the United Kingdom. Learning at the same time the rudiments of how to run an Art and Design Business. Monday to Saturday x 4 weeks (30 days, see also 42 days below) with Sundays as a free day for Creative Students to relax and enjoy London, spending time together and visiting places of interest in other design disciplines. Bespoke with small high achieving adult groups, be part of this special exclusive ‘Experience’ Programme. Few places available. Call now 0207 760 7487 or apply online with your details. We are in Piccadilly, Mayfair, Central London W1, near Regent Street, Oxford Street, the best Interior Design Sourcing Shops in London.

8) Art & Interior Design ‘Experience’ 42 days £3,950. 42 days (Part of the Certificate/Diploma Programme) £3,950.

This covers the following:

1) Learning to look, Drawing, Colour, Paint Effects, Trompe L’Oeil.
2) Professional Design, 1, 2 and 3 Point Perspectives, Plans/Elevations and Computer Skills.
3) ‘Photo Real’ Computer Imagery & AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Artlantis, SketchUp Photoshop etc.
4) Well known Interior Designers and Projects in London.
5) Residential Interior Design.
6) Interior Colour Schemes.
7) The best Sourcing: Furniture, Fittings, Equipment (FF&E).
8) Soft Furnishing, Fabrics, Window Treatments, Door Furniture.
9) Floor Treatments.
10) Dressing, Art & Sculpture etc.
11) Contemporary use of water, music and other effects.
12) Bathroom & Kitchen Design etc.
13) Bringing the Exterior into the Interior and optimising Spatial Living.
14) Urban Garden Design including Roof Gardens, Terraces and Patios.
15) Exhibitions, Museums, Galleries, Commercial, Installations & Contemporary Art & Design.
16) History of Art, Architecture and Culture in the UK/ Antiques and collectibles.
17) Lighting Design, projected effects etc.
18) Graphics and Rendering Techniques.
19 Creativity and concepts.
20) One to One Assessment and Portfolio Management.

Note: Any other specific requests can be considered within the short courses provided by the Academy.

The Applications are subject to the approval of JJAADA Academy who has the final decision in awarding the places. Conditions apply to (A), (B), (C), (D) below:

(A) Interior Design ‘Experience’ London College £995 per 10 days. Art, Fashion & Interior Design ‘Experience’ Programme, 10 days from October  (subject to availability) 2016.

(B) Art, Fashion & Interior Design ‘Experience’ Programme 4 weeks (30 days) offer only £2,950 (Hotel not included). We can arrange accommodation for you in London.

(C) Overseas to London UK. Start October 2016 (subject to availability). Art & Interior Design ‘Experience’ (including 4 star Hotel in Central London), 4 weeks (30 days) Call 00 44 207 760 7487. ‘A fantastic Interior Design ‘Experience’ £4,950. Experience menu click here. Note: You can also attend a 42 day ‘Experience’ programme to include more ‘Hands-on’ activity for £3,950 split into 21 days per month (without hotel accommodation).

(D) Interior Design Diploma Programme Special Offer, Visit to China. Finding the best Contemporary Art & Design currently available worldwide, distinctive comparing Europe & America. Join our Student Interior Designers to China enjoying the Appreciation of Art & Interior Design. Your JJAADA Academy membership subscription of £385 per month for 24 months (2 years), completes your Interior Design Diploma Programme.Plus free of charge, 2 weeks in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing China, Autumn 2016 Promotional Offer.

Link to Our Short Courses

Diploma and Certificate Courses Subjects Covered. You can also access these sessions for the ‘Experience’ by arrangement (conditions apply):

Drawing/Colour Workshops Interior Design Technical/Imaging/Visuals
Creative drawing & watercolour Portfolio development/presentation Photography
Interiors watercolours Residential kitchen and bathroom design Surveying and scale drawing.
Perspective drawing (rooms) Garden design/designing with plants/commercial design Construction drawing.
Creative workshop Creative technical design Technical drawing/skills
Freehand drawing Sustainable design AutoCAD/Sketchup/Artlantis/ArchiCAD
Painting & paint effects (marbling/trompe l’oeil/interior finishes) Macro approach to design Photoshop.
Colour theory Conceptual design Creative technical design.
Interiors drawing skills Lighting design Furniture fittings and equipment.
Sophisticated window treatments Materials/collectible artefacts (antiques) History of design.
History of interior design Business of interior design.

Timetable is subject to change depending on student development and requirements.

You have researched Interior Design Diploma Courses and have found that the best high quality courses are over £20,000. At JJAADA Academy for over 15 years we have sponsored our courses, our benefit being the success of our students which in turn have further promoted our Academy.

You can choose to minimise the cost as shown below by spreading your course over a longer period, or choose to come evenings and weekends (where the price is more economical) The timetable is the same and most of the tutors covering the different areas will be the same.

The JJAADA Academy flexible system has been very popular with our students over the years (see testimonials) and allows earning and learning to take place for Career Change.


Become an interior Designer in London.

interior design courses london

Special Concessions: Interior Design Diploma Courses fees for over 30’s. Success, Success, Success!

Are you 30 years plus? For our Full Access Option Diploma Course, 18 hours per week, which is £11,700 and is reduced by 50% (25% of the standard 18 hours per week programme, complete your course within 1 Year), for the amount of £5,850 (does not include China ‘Experience’).

Are you over 30? Really! That young and bored, join JJAADA Academy, one of the best interiors Academies in London, success is a by word, just ask the students!

All those young children have now married or in any event have joined up and are having children of their own. Time to do something! Join JJAADA Academy and have fun, you will be amazed that there are so many people like you, getting back to their creativity and loving every moment and also charging fees, fancy earning money from an activity you love.

Delay no more, join the fun and enjoy every day. Call 0207 760 7487, join our over 30’s concession course by saving 50% with the sponsored Diploma, a further 50% by joining the over 30’s concession sponsored option interior design Diploma course and pay £1,850 as an enrolment deposit with the balance to £5,850 in instalments (JJAADA do not charge interest). The only interest we require is yours! 18 hours per week 72 hours per month, 600 hours in total which you can finish in 12 months when you will be an interior designer. Just do it and telephone us today to start from October 2016 (subject to availability).